Interesting Words and Phrases

  • Ты ничего! Или нечто?

    by Olga Godwin
      "А ты ничего!" What?! Are they trying to insult me?! Don’t worry. It’s just a flirty way to say they like you.   Russian negative pronouns and adverbs are among the most thorny topics for international students. Even just the ones derived from ...
  • Сидеть, стоять, лежать

    by Olga Godwin
        If you tend to spend hours on end in front of the screen, your Russian mama would berate you for sitting in the computer (Целый день сидишь в компьютере!)  As one of those pre-historic humans who still remember how life was before th...
  • A вы уже убрали ёлку?

    by Olga Godwin
    As the long chain of winter holidays remained in the past (in Russia, the holiday season starts with the New Year’s Eve - December 31st , continues with Christmas - January 7th, and ends with a humorous informal Old New Year’s Day  - December 14th...