This is a collection of materials to support your learning of Russian.

Start with a little (‘choot-choot’) at a time!

Immerse yourself in the Russian culture, explore our short stories adapted for students, audios, songs and poems with parallel translation into English.

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Five Short Stories by Leo Tolstoy

Our Five Short Stories Kindle Book is available at Amazon here.

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Russian Urban Legends Kindle Edition

Our Russian Urban Legends Kindle Book is available at Amazon here .

This book contains a short collection of modern Russian city folklore, so called urban legends. These are modern tales that people share with each other orally, or, more recently, via the Internet. Funny, silly, surprising, seemingly realistic, these stories often reveal people’s underlying ideas of the nature of life, themselves, and the country they live in all mixed in with their own hopes and fears.

 Part one contains popular anecdotes that were believed to have actually taken place. Often the speaker claimed that the story happened to someone they know personally.

 Part two is a collection of humorous beliefs that were common in Russia during the times of the USSR. Most people no longer believe these things, but many are still remembered with self-humor and told on web forums.

 The book is intended for learners of the Russian language. Each story has a translation into English on the same page. We suggest you first read a story in Russian, and then check your understanding using the translation if you need. Accent marks are provided in the original Russian text for your learning convenience. You will also find endnotes with lexical and cultural commentary for some of the stories.